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Educate Yourself


逾期未付的帐目, we will call the primary account telephone number with a prerecorded message requesting the customer to call us to discuss the status of the account. If a payment is due, customers may contact Georgia Power to make a secure payment in one of three ways: 

  • Call us 在1-通过BillMatrix,我们的第三方供应商支付.
  • Pay in person 在授权的付款地点.
  • Pay online 通过我们的安全客户门户.


If an employee needs to visit a customer's home or business for a service-related issue, he/she will be in uniform and present a photo ID badge with his/her name and Georgia Power logo. 我们的员工也会乘坐带有必威betway标志的车辆到达.

Georgia Power will never contact you by phone or send an employee to your home or business to collect a payment or to request your credit or debit card, 银行或社会安全号码.

Information to help customers identify Georgia Power employees is available at the bottom of the page.


If a field service representative needs to visit your home or business for a service-related issue, our employee will wear an official Georgia Power uniform and present ID with their name, photo, 还有必威betway的标志. 该员工还将乘坐标有我们标志的Georgia Power汽车到达.

If you have reason for concern or suspect a problem, please call Georgia Power to verify ID at 1-. 


Georgia Power continues to work with law enforcement agencies throughout the state to identify and prosecute criminals who pose as Georgia Power employees in order to defraud customers. 

Contact Us

If you suspect that someone is at your home or place of business impersonating a Georgia Power employee: 

  • 马上给当地警察打电话.
  • Call Georgia Power at 1-.
  • 不要让个人进入你的家庭或公司.
  • 不要和个人出去.
  • DO NOT provide them with your account number or any personal or financial information.

If you suspect that someone has already visited you to obtain personal or financial information, 请立即致电1-与我们联系. M-F时间早上7点到晚上7点,我们的代表可以随时为您服务.

Recognizing Employees

Georgia Power employees visiting your home should always have a photo identification badge. Field service reps will wear a Georgia Power uniform that includes the company logo and service vehicles are marked with the Georgia Power logo.


  • 打电话给佐治亚电力公司核实身份
  • 不要让这个人进入你的家里
  • 不要和这个人一起出门
  • 如果担心,请致电当地执法机构

In 2016, 必威betway公布了新的品牌, 其中包括一个新的标志,取代公司的红色三角形标志. 佐治亚电力公司的所有车辆都在转型, facilities, 设备和制服以新的标志贯穿整个第二年, 你可能会在一些地方看到红色的三角标志仍然显示. If you have any doubt, please feel free to call your local Georgia Power office to verify ID.