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our culture

As a Southern company, our company culture is rooted in our values -安全第一,绝对信任,卓越的性能和全面的承诺. 我们相信,携手合作、诚信相待是我们对客户承诺的重要组成部分.

our history

georgia power, 必威betway最大的运营公司, 已经自豪地为我们的社区服务了100多年. We are committed to making a positive impact for many years to come. 想了解更多关于我们的历史,请点击这里 history document.


our people

At georgia power, our team of employees is our most valuable resource. We attract and retain a diverse, highly skilled, 充分投入的员工队伍,帮助我们为不断发展的客户群提供最佳水平的服务.


community Involvement

Our company's first president, preston arkwright, 创造了“我们所服务的地方的公民”这一说法,“从那以后,我们就一直这样做. georgia power employees play important roles in our communities, 为慈善机构和服务机构做义工, 支持当地社区和民间组织.

project share

我们与救世军的合作使我们能够帮助需要帮助的格鲁吉亚人. last year, 项目SHARE向大约34个国家提供了援助,1000 georgians, 必威betway及其客户出资2美元.2 million to the program.

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diverse team
two women shaking hands


Our goal is to sustain a culture of diversity and inclusion, where our employees feel valued, respected and productive.


Supplier diversity

我们重视与不同供应商的关系. 如果你是一家少数族裔企业的所有者,并且有兴趣与必威betway或必威betway的任何其他实体合作, register with us.